Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rescuing 5 Puppies that Hiding Under a Stack of Concrete

Last night was one kind of a night. After heard from a guard that there are few puppies hiding under a stack of concrete, behind a management office of Aman Height's Condominium, we were planning to remove them, placed them inside a cage and asked the guard to temporary keep them until they are ready for adoption.

After work, my friends and I went to Klang to get a cage donated by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, and reached the puppies' place at around 10pm. We never thought that trying to make the puppies go out from that small hole was a really tough thing to do.

here's the "hole" where they were staying, and we tried to catch them at the night, in the dark.    

With the help from the uncle guard, my FB Friend, Christine Fong and her husband, we managed to catch all 5 of them. Catching the mother dog was the easiest part because apparently we feed her every day, and we didn't notice that she was pregnant that time. Seriously, her stomach didn't indicate that she's pregnant at all!

It took 2 hours for us to catch 5 of them. We almost gave up when we managed to catch 2 only, but thinking how the other 3 could survive without their mother for a night, we decided to try again. The uncle guard found a long stick for us to push the puppies out from their hiding place, and Christine's husband has quite long hand that he successfully grabbed and dragged out the puppies.

After successfully moved all the puppies and the mother inside a cage, Christine gave them towel and clothes to keep them warm. We saw a lot of scars and wound on their body, also fleas and ticks, but nothing we could do to clean them up at that time, because it was late. We talked to the uncle guard, and he told me that he will take good care of them until they are ready to be put for adoption, and the mother dog's been spayed, but he worried that his boss would disagree. We told him not to worry, and will talk with his boss next thing in the morning.

We did, and thank God the boss is also a dog lover chinese man. He even fed them this morning, and after explained him what had happened, he allowed us to keep the dog and her pups there. Seriously, if all the people are like him and the uncle guard, I would be more than happy to spend my extra time to rescue all the strays and implement TNRM in Bukit Serdang would be more fast than I ever expected!

Now, rescuing is an easy thing, the hardest part is to foster and take care of them. We would need:
1. Puppy foods for the mother dog and the puppies.
2. Newspapers & towels
3. Medicated shampoo & bayticol
4. Collar and leash for the mother dog

If any of you would like to donate some to us, please feel free to email me at: or text/call to: 017-3576111.

Here's the picture of them, after being rescued. =)    

Pretty mother dog. She looks a bit old, doesn't she? 

Fight for the food!!! =)

Finally, the mom gave up and let the kids eat...

The roof made by uncle guard

There are 1 male and 4 females.

We are still hungry

The brown was the last pup we caught.

she still dislike us for grabbing her out :p

Place where they live now... safe even though not really comfortable.
 In about a month, they will be ready for adoption. It's free of charge, so if anyone interested, please feel free to contact me. I will post their updates.