Sunday, April 12, 2015

Vegetarian Food Stall @ Muara Karang Wet Market Jakarta, Indonesia

Mostly on the weekend, I went to Muara Karang Wet Market to get my breakfast. My favourite food to eat is Pork Misua, but There's a vegetarian food stall as wel,located at the same row in Sinar Pagi foodcourt / kopitiam. 

It is a vegetarian mix rice. There's many choice of food to pick and they are quite delicious. The thing I like from vegetarian food in Indonesia is the taste doesn't seems like a vegetarian. It's like normal dish, only without meat. 

You can find Indonesian dishes such as rendang, sayur nangka, daun singkong, and spicy food. 

Make sure you come in the morning, as usually they are sold out pretty fast. I once came at 1pm and they've closed :( 

Almost forgot, the price is quite reasonable. Just like you eat a plate of normal mix rice :) 
Do let me know if you're nearby the area, I might join you as well ^^