Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Floppy Straw Beach Hat

I bought this beautiful hat yesterday when I was in Bagan Lalang beach.

Wanna know what's the price? Not all expensive things are good and vice versa...

This beautiful beach hat will only cost you RM15, or RM 12 if you are a good bargainer.

Love it to the max!!


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Monday, August 22, 2011

Garden Fence's Hunting Day

Today I took Cleo and Scratchy to the Vet, and went around Sungai Buloh to find a fence. I thought I could easily bought it (ready stocks) but after walked in to few nurseries, the result were all the same, I have to order and it takes about a week or more to make it done.

This kind of fence that I've been looking for. Made from wood and have to strong enough so that my furkids won't destroy it. I'm not sure about the price yet as they told me will only send the quotation by tonight or tomorrow. I just hope it's arouns my budget >.<

I spent almost my day on the street searching materials of landscaping so that my corner would have a greenery concept and my house could be a very comfortable place to stay. Ahhh... I'm too excited.

And another good news is, I finally got myself a cup of my favourite pearl milk tea from pasar malam!!!

Been craving for many weeks!! Had my simple dinner here also before went home and have a good sleep.

Nighty night, pals =)
Hope you enjoy your dinner like I did :)


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Here I Am...

It's been a month since my last updated post. Have no intention to abandone this blog, but I really had no time and internet connection to update all the things. Still, my biggest thanks to Nuffnang, Churchurp, Hahah Deals, Cinema Online and Hot Magazine for giving me a lot of opportunities to watch premiere screenings these few weeks. More to come, huh! ^.^

Well, wondering what I was busy on? Some of you might knows, but for who doesn't... I've moved to a new house!! a bigger house where I could put all my furkids inside, without annoying house-mates or neighbour who dislike dogs. I'm free from all of those people and thank God for giving me a nice neighbours who don't have much complaints about my dogs. Of course I also have to control my dogs for not making so much noise especially at the night times.

I'm still busy right now, decorating this place to be a comfortable place for us, human, and also the dogs. Besides, I also help injured dogs or homeless puppies to find home for them.

I'm still waiting for UNIFI installation in my housing area. It's been more than 2 weeks but there's still no news :(

That's it! When everything is under control, I will back to normal again. :)


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