Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I'm looking for the owner of this cat. I gave her a name, Candy, because she's so sweet, just like a candy. 

I found her at SS7/16, Kelana Jaya on 7 September 2013 night. She saw me at the park and came to me. She climbed on my leg and miao-ing like asking for help. She has a soft and nice long fur, and definitely someone's pet before. 

She loves to stick around human, so I guess she's missing her owner. 

If you're her owner, please call 012-254 7116 or email to: or comment here. 


McDonald's Brekkie Wrap

Wait!! before you're heading to MCDonald's for their new menu, think twice. The picture on the counter looks so promising...

My saliva was drooling when I saw it, this morning. RM 4 (not include tax) for weekday set, comes with a cup of tea or coffee. I told to myself "Wow! I should try this!" So then I ordered Brekkie Wrap with Chicken Roll ( I don't like the taste of McDonald's sausage).

I patiently queued for around 10 minutes as a girl infront of me was ordering so many foods, feel
excited to get my order, and then shocked with I saw a tiny little
teeny weeny thingy infront of me... =.=

Now, you feel me? I'm not a big eater especially in the morning, but this piece definitely is not enough for me.

So, if you're looking for a small bite to eat, you can consider it, but if you're hungry... hold yourself and do not get seduced by the picture on the counter, ok! :D