Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zack, the Tiny but Mighty

Let me personally introduce you with my lovely chihuahuas. Zack, is the eldest amongst others. I came to Malaysia on 2008, live alone and had a little friends on that time. Never thought in my mind that I'm gonna adopt a dog, but kismet, is the right word to describe how I met my lovely Zack.

He was abandoned, lived with trauma. His previous owner was a little kid. A little kid doesn't really know how to take care a puppy. Especially chihuahua. So, he only treated Zack like a toy. Commanded him whatever he likes, pushed him down from the stairs, and kept him inside the cage when he'd bored to play with.

The boy and his family migrated to other country and left Zack at the pet shop. Yes, they sold him. Zack lived in pet shop for almost half year until someone else bought him. A family with 2 teenagers. I knew them because they were my students. They've already owned a pure breed golden retrieve and a pincher.

For few months, Zack was only stay inside the cage, seldom to play, and boring. That's what my students said. "The dog ain't cool at all!". But, when the first time I saw him, I knew that I fell for him. There's a chemistry between us, I can feel it. Yeah, laugh me, but I'm so sure about that! :p

Problem came when they found out that Zack had a skin sensitive. They were afraid it will spread to the other dogs, so they decided to get rid of him. My student asked me whether I want him or not, and of course.. I'm so willing to take him home with me. :)

Like wise-man said "dog is a man's best friend", they really are =)

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Essence, Sheraton Imperial Hotel Buffet Dinner

  • Jalan Sultan Ismail | Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 50250, Malaysia
  • 03-2717-9900

I was invited by my eating partner to join her company-team dinner at the Essence, Sheraton Imperial Hotel. Normal price would be RM98++ for the buffet, but since her colleague has some kinda voucher, so I only need to pay half :)

The food was just okay. You can find Japanese sushi set, Western dishes, and local cuisine.

This is the dessert area

Our appetizer. The best thing in buffet, especially Japanese food, I can eat salmon fish as many as I could =))

The sushi were really fresh that time!

This was my main course. Yes, Satay! Don't expect it as good as Satay Kajang. This one... much much much better!!! yeah, the meat is so tender and the peanut souce... hmm.. yummy. But, don't too much take the rice, because it's kinda hard, and you'll regret it :p

This was... Do-it-yourself-mee... Hahaha. They gv you all the ingredients you need, and you just mix everything you like.

Trala!! This was nice... because I can take as many as I want BAWANG GORENG ^.^

Complimentary cappuccino!

This is salad area. There are many type of salad, from DIY salad, french salad, until Malaysian Salad a.k.a ROJAK!

I made this one :))

The dessert.. not bad

And look who's this.... Ms. Norlaili, for the first time was eating SUSHI!

Me & Stacia, Reco's sister.

Candid photo. I don't like being the object, actually... :(

The incredible HSBC TEAM =)

Female in the team... Let me introduce you: Left down; Reco Wong, Right down: Choo Lai Quen, Left up: Norlaili, Right Up: Safura a.k.a mami :))

Oh, and that naughty hands are belong to Simon, the colleague who have the voucher :p

Sorry for the ugly photos. Reco forgot to take her DSLR.

Main entrance of the restaurant.

The lobby....

Yo.. Yoo... Ms. Laili in da house, baby!! =)

Bon Appetite from all of us :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MG's Vegetarian Cafe and Bakery

Good news for vegetarian people! It's easy to find a hang out place while you still can enjoy delicious -obviously- vegetarian foods. =) Let me introduce you to:

CONTACT: 6-03-2300 3118/ FAX: 6-03-2300 3228

I didn't try many foods because I was full when I reached here. I came here just because I was waiting for my friend who had appointment with her customer nearby.

Let's see their menu, shall we? :)
 So many varieties you can choose :)
 And not to forget healthy and yummy drinkss :)

I order satay as my snack, and it turned out to be a good choice! hehe. It's crispy and the sauce's kinda spicy but really... GOOD ^^
Can you guess? Yup! this is, dragon fruit juice. I don't know since when I started fallin in love with this juice =P 

The price? well, don't worry. It's not so expensive, yet you still can live with healthy life style :)

Mikha <3

Boston 又一城 Recipe, Equine Park

My eating partner was out of town last Saturday, and I also still on 'anti-meat' campaign, so I thought I'm not gonna eat delicious food outside. But, I was wrong :p I ended up having dinner with her sisters at this outlet restaurant
LOCATION: F-1-G, Block F, Putra Walk, Jalan PP25
Bandar Putra Permai, Sek 2,
Seri Kembangan
OPENING HOURS: 9.00 am to 12.00 am (Sun - Thurs)
9.00 am to 1.00 am (Fri-Sat)
CONTACT NO: 03 - 8942 6562

It's located near the food court, and obviously many people will choose to eat at the food court, because it's cheaper and the foods around there are also delicious. But, if you wanna eat without noise, comfortable, clean from dust, and especially air-conditioned area, this is the place =P

U can watch funny chinese movie with english subtitles =P

The outdoor (smoking area) view

The hyper-active Chelsea Wong & I

Chelsea & I always love to share a giant glass of Watermelon Juice :)

Appetizer: Crunchy fries

Meaty fried rice. This one was ordered by Stacia.

Yam Ice Blended

Vegetarian Fried Rice. The taste's good and the portion quite huge =P

Two Yam Drinks. One's blended, the other one's Ice. Why we ordered the same? actually, it's a misunderstanding. Stacia ordered only one, at first she wanted Ice blended, but when she saw the ICe Yam only, she canceled the previous order. But... apparently the waiter thought she wants both. LOL

French Toast. Chelsea always order this one whenever she sees this in the menu. Well, it's her favourite. =)

Stacia was trying Chelsea's Cheese baked rice.

The Chicken Chop Cheese Baked Rice was not bad after all. Well, don't compare with Kim Gary, but this one is also delicious ^^

Our stomachs bloated and we were planning to continue to Starbucks for a free drinks actually, but finally we decided to go home and.... u know what's next. hahahaa ~