Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fey Wong's pregnancy ~ 45th days

I took Fey to do X-ray today. Been nervous for few days because I read a lot about dog's pregnancy and there's an article about fake pregnancy. Even the Vet told me it might be happened to any dog, include Fey. =.=

Thank God today we can be assured that Fey's really pregnant. The X-ray showed there's a head of the baby with a very long spines. Most probably Fey will only deliver one baby, but we are not sure, as the spines' kinda long, it might be 2 babies also, only one of them hiding the head :p

I'm happy she's pregnant, and not a fake pregnancy. I'm also a bit worry if there's really only one baby inside. Doctor said, it's hard to deliver the baby in normal way, as the baby might be too big. It could be danger for both the mommy and baby as well. So, the only way to make it safe is just to do cesarean surgery.

Next week Tuesday, when her pregnancy comes to 55 days, we will do another X-ray to confirm whether she's having one or two babies. Once it has confirmed, we have decide when will be the best time to do cesarean surgery.  >.<

Pray the best for my pretty angel, I don't care how many babies she has, as long as they are healthy and everything is alright, that's already made me so happy. I'm ready to be a Grandmom =P

here are 2 photos of my baby's biggg stomach :)

Hugggeee =)

The happy mommy-wannabe =)

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