Friday, March 18, 2011

World Invasion: Battle LA

Have you ever attend a movie that haven't on air for public? Some people call it movie premier, some also call it movie screening. I's my first time to attend it, and I got the ticket from one of tweetpeeps that I followed, Tiffany Tan.

World Invasion: Battle of LA, is a science fiction movie about marine platoon faces off against an alien invasion in Los Angeles.

To be honest, the movie's LAME. The effect, the story line, omg.. Normally, if I watch this kind of movie which I have to spend the money from my own pocket, ater the movie I will shake my head and keep telling my friends that I've wasted my money. hahaha.. well, since it's free, I won't say that, but really... this movie is a BIG NO. I watched a lot of alien movies, and this is one of the worst in my list. 
Not much to tell about the movie, all you can see is just sholdiers with green color uniform fight with aliens and gun shot. 

Well, thanks to Tiffany once again, at least I know how it feels to attend a movie screening. Too bad I came late, due to traffic jam and rain. 

Nice experience, though =)

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