Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fey is pregnant!?!?!!! Or maybe not... =.=!

My female chihuahua is acting a different behaviour than she used to be these few weeks. When I google about her behaviour on the internet, I came to a conclusion that she's pregnant.

Dr. Michael Levine, DVM, explained that the following signs are most commonly seen in pregnant canines:

- Increased Appetite
- Decreased Appetite
- Prominent Nipples
- Lethargy
- Increased Sleeping
- Clear Discharge from the Vagina
- A Firm Abdomen
- “Nesting” Behaviors
- More Frequent Urination

Until few weeks ago, Fey was very active, playful and big eater chihuahua. Compare with Zack and Ace (my other 2 male chihuahuas), many people more love her because of her cheerful behaviour. But these few weeks, she has changed. She sleep more, and eat less.

I took her to the vet this noon, and our lovely Dr. Chan told us that she might be pregnant, as she has shown few of the signs (firm abdomen and prominent nipples, not include changing behaviour), but to be confirmed, Fey has to do X-ray. Dr. Chan explained that the best time to do the X-ray is after 45 days of pregnancy, so we can see the bone of the baby as well. As for now Dr. Chan only can tell us there's one baby inside the stomach.

She probably will give birth on early April, since she mated at the beginning of February. Dog's pregnancy is between 60 - 63 days. I am happy with this good news yet I also a bit afraid after getting a lot of informations of dog's pregnancy.

I am not a breeder and it's our (Fey & I) first experience together. Don't get me wrong, I won't be a breeder, which from my understanding breeder is a person who mating dogs to earn money by selling the puppies. I, myself, love dogs so much (currently I have 6 dogs), and promised to myself no matter what that I will take care of them by myself. I proudly say to you that I am a responsible dog's owner. =)

Well, now waiting until next week to do the X-ray and hoping for the best ^.^
Will update and post the X-ray result here next week.

Have a great weekend ahead, guys ^.*

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