Thursday, March 31, 2011

Essence, Sheraton Imperial Hotel Buffet Dinner

  • Jalan Sultan Ismail | Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 50250, Malaysia
  • 03-2717-9900

I was invited by my eating partner to join her company-team dinner at the Essence, Sheraton Imperial Hotel. Normal price would be RM98++ for the buffet, but since her colleague has some kinda voucher, so I only need to pay half :)

The food was just okay. You can find Japanese sushi set, Western dishes, and local cuisine.

This is the dessert area

Our appetizer. The best thing in buffet, especially Japanese food, I can eat salmon fish as many as I could =))

The sushi were really fresh that time!

This was my main course. Yes, Satay! Don't expect it as good as Satay Kajang. This one... much much much better!!! yeah, the meat is so tender and the peanut souce... hmm.. yummy. But, don't too much take the rice, because it's kinda hard, and you'll regret it :p

This was... Do-it-yourself-mee... Hahaha. They gv you all the ingredients you need, and you just mix everything you like.

Trala!! This was nice... because I can take as many as I want BAWANG GORENG ^.^

Complimentary cappuccino!

This is salad area. There are many type of salad, from DIY salad, french salad, until Malaysian Salad a.k.a ROJAK!

I made this one :))

The dessert.. not bad

And look who's this.... Ms. Norlaili, for the first time was eating SUSHI!

Me & Stacia, Reco's sister.

Candid photo. I don't like being the object, actually... :(

The incredible HSBC TEAM =)

Female in the team... Let me introduce you: Left down; Reco Wong, Right down: Choo Lai Quen, Left up: Norlaili, Right Up: Safura a.k.a mami :))

Oh, and that naughty hands are belong to Simon, the colleague who have the voucher :p

Sorry for the ugly photos. Reco forgot to take her DSLR.

Main entrance of the restaurant.

The lobby....

Yo.. Yoo... Ms. Laili in da house, baby!! =)

Bon Appetite from all of us :)

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