Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boston 又一城 Recipe, Equine Park

My eating partner was out of town last Saturday, and I also still on 'anti-meat' campaign, so I thought I'm not gonna eat delicious food outside. But, I was wrong :p I ended up having dinner with her sisters at this outlet restaurant
LOCATION: F-1-G, Block F, Putra Walk, Jalan PP25
Bandar Putra Permai, Sek 2,
Seri Kembangan
OPENING HOURS: 9.00 am to 12.00 am (Sun - Thurs)
9.00 am to 1.00 am (Fri-Sat)
CONTACT NO: 03 - 8942 6562

It's located near the food court, and obviously many people will choose to eat at the food court, because it's cheaper and the foods around there are also delicious. But, if you wanna eat without noise, comfortable, clean from dust, and especially air-conditioned area, this is the place =P

U can watch funny chinese movie with english subtitles =P

The outdoor (smoking area) view

The hyper-active Chelsea Wong & I

Chelsea & I always love to share a giant glass of Watermelon Juice :)

Appetizer: Crunchy fries

Meaty fried rice. This one was ordered by Stacia.

Yam Ice Blended

Vegetarian Fried Rice. The taste's good and the portion quite huge =P

Two Yam Drinks. One's blended, the other one's Ice. Why we ordered the same? actually, it's a misunderstanding. Stacia ordered only one, at first she wanted Ice blended, but when she saw the ICe Yam only, she canceled the previous order. But... apparently the waiter thought she wants both. LOL

French Toast. Chelsea always order this one whenever she sees this in the menu. Well, it's her favourite. =)

Stacia was trying Chelsea's Cheese baked rice.

The Chicken Chop Cheese Baked Rice was not bad after all. Well, don't compare with Kim Gary, but this one is also delicious ^^

Our stomachs bloated and we were planning to continue to Starbucks for a free drinks actually, but finally we decided to go home and.... u know what's next. hahahaa ~

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