Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't Only Feel Sorry When You Can Actually Do Something

Many people were asking about the latest status of Sushi, the poodle that had been abused by its previous owner and they seems to ask for SPCA's responsible to solve this matter ASAP.
Animal abuse actually is not only SPCA or other animal activist's responsible. It's our responsible, all of us.

If you only keep bothering abut sushi latest update, feel sad and frustrated for sushi, please look all around you. There's a lot of "Sushi" out there who also needs your help, and those "Sushi" is not disappear, nor missing. Those "sushi" are the stray animal who might live nearby your house, your office, or your shop. They've been abused by irresponsible owner, or irresponsible people who think stray animals are toys for them to be bullied. Should I record all those animals and upload in facebook so that you can pity on them?

Some people who watch all the abuse video feel terrible after watching, or response "oh my God, the poodle is so cute. how could he do that?" but after that, when they see a stray dog or cat in front of their door, they feel disgusted and say "husss.. huss.. go away", or even kick them away, hit them with sticks and stones.

Is that because they are dirty, unhealthy and low graded animals? Because they are not expensive so they are worthless? I'm not expecting you to take care of them like you would do if they're Sushi. Just welcome them, offering them a little affection, clean water or food, or even a temporary shelter especially during the rainy days would be great!

If you just wanna complaint or talk crab about how I'm wasting my time to help those stray animals, how many animals I can help, bla bla bla... please, save your words. That won't change anything.

If you're doing like I'm doing, not only to animal, but to all the living things in this world, I salute you!

A meaningful quote from one of my facebook friend "together we can make a change."


This note is for those who don't understand what's animal meaning in our life.
For those who can't appreciate things around you.
For those who forgot what is "humanity".


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