Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie @ Taman Danau Desa


Phone: 03-7983 0211 


Went for a high-tea with my friend last week after we discharged a rescued shih tzu dog from the vet, but suddenly I decided to try their pasta. 

It's an outdoor pet-friendly cafe. I love pet-friendly cafe. Seriously, it's hard to find one, and I'm sooo glad that this place is not too far from my place. 

They have many choices of breads and  cakes too. 

Choose one, or try all?
All smells good ~ 
Good environment 

Mango Juice 
 My drink was mango juice. It's refreshing, but it's not a pure mango. It cost me RM6.50

Creamy Mushroom Fettucine
I am not a fans of mushroom, so I don't know what got into my mind that time I ordered this. =P
It taste delicious thou. the cream was perfect and the pasta was al dente.

Seafood Allio Olio Pasta is a good choice as well. My friend ordered without prawn, as she's allergic to prawn. It's fresh and it's not too oily.

Total bill was RM35.30
Casper, adopted Shih Tzu
This is Casper, rescued dog from the pound. He's adopted by a good family now. 


Before we leave, I decided to try their churos, but the taste was out of my expectation. I really miss Spanish churos :'(

ham croissant 

This one is definitely not bad!! worth to try.

I would definitely come again to this place, with my furkids of course. =D


XIao Bai, Hit & Run Victim Dog, for ADOPTION

Xiao Bai used to live outside of our housing area, together with her mother and sister. The mother used to be a guard dog at construction area, but when they got to know that she's pregnant, they dumped her.

One day, my neighbor alerted me about Xiao Bai. She was hit by a car. I found her lying on the street, and blood came out from her mouth. I thought she was about to die, and unlucky me, I had no transport that time to take her to the vet. So, I pleaded for help on MDDB page, and right after, my friend came to help me bring her to Animal Medical Center.

Here's video of her while waiting for the transportation. I don't understand why people could just let the dog dying on the street and they feel no guilt at all...

Poor Xiao Bai had to wait for few hours before we managed to take her to AMC.

Here's her video when she's starting to recovering after a week.

After few weeks, Vet finally gave her a clean bill, and we could bring her home. But, the problem is now, I couldn't put her back to the street. It's too dangerous for her, thus, she needs a forever home.

Anyone willing to adopt her, please feel free to drop a comment here or call 0122542460.

Here's the latest pictures of cutie Xiao Bai =)

Adopt a pet and save lives!