Saturday, March 12, 2011

Movie Marathon @ TGV Capsquare

Just back from movie marathon at TGV Capsquare today. It's the first time I watch 3 movies in a day! Well, my previous record was two movies. Thank's to TGV I got a new record :)

The movies were : Clash of The Titans, Avatar, and Inception. I watched those movies before, but it's obviously a worth to watch for the second time. In fact, I got more better understanding for the ending of Inception.

TGV had done a great job by arranging the time of the movie marathon effectively. They gave us around one hour break to have our lunch or high-tea. There's also freebies before to movie started. Too bad I came too late :(

I came with my friend who also won the tickets. So, we had 4 tickets. At first, we're planning to take her sister and boyfriend together, too bad the boyfriend couldn't make it and just informed us at last minute. Such a waste.

Had a really great time there! If you guys want to get great stuff like this from TGV, it's so easy. Follow their Twitter or like their Facebook Page to get the latest update. Stay tune for the next excitement they'll give u ^.^

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