Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tappers, Capsquare

One of the places I spent time at during movie marathon in Capsquare last week :) We were too hungry and decided to eat something 'heavy', and our choice went to:

LOCATION: G21, Capsquare
OPENING HOURS: 10am-10pm
CONTACT: 03-2691 2888

Tappers is a modern version of an old coffee shop selling a fusion of dishes with Malaysian roots. You can find local, western, malay, and chinese dishes here.

I chose to try their western dish, spaghetti mushroom carbonara.

It's a bit too watery, but overall the taste is not bad.

Nasi Lemak Rendang for my friend.

The chicken is not as tender as its look. We think that's a left-over chicken.

Ice Green Tea

Since we only have an hour break, we didn't have much time to enjoy our meal.
So yeah, we ate and left in hurry. =P

P.s: The waiter who served us was kinda impolite. We talked and asked questioned, she didn't answer instead just took our order and left. ==

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