Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zack, the Tiny but Mighty

Let me personally introduce you with my lovely chihuahuas. Zack, is the eldest amongst others. I came to Malaysia on 2008, live alone and had a little friends on that time. Never thought in my mind that I'm gonna adopt a dog, but kismet, is the right word to describe how I met my lovely Zack.

He was abandoned, lived with trauma. His previous owner was a little kid. A little kid doesn't really know how to take care a puppy. Especially chihuahua. So, he only treated Zack like a toy. Commanded him whatever he likes, pushed him down from the stairs, and kept him inside the cage when he'd bored to play with.

The boy and his family migrated to other country and left Zack at the pet shop. Yes, they sold him. Zack lived in pet shop for almost half year until someone else bought him. A family with 2 teenagers. I knew them because they were my students. They've already owned a pure breed golden retrieve and a pincher.

For few months, Zack was only stay inside the cage, seldom to play, and boring. That's what my students said. "The dog ain't cool at all!". But, when the first time I saw him, I knew that I fell for him. There's a chemistry between us, I can feel it. Yeah, laugh me, but I'm so sure about that! :p

Problem came when they found out that Zack had a skin sensitive. They were afraid it will spread to the other dogs, so they decided to get rid of him. My student asked me whether I want him or not, and of course.. I'm so willing to take him home with me. :)

Like wise-man said "dog is a man's best friend", they really are =)

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