Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Twisties Band Heroes Party with Nuffnangers

 Last night was awesome! Thanks to Nuffnang and also Twisties Malaysia for the invitation to the Twisties Band Heroes Party.

It's BEE

The party was held in Bee Cafe, Jaya One and awesome people like Nuffnangers, Churpies and also Twistiers were gathered for a chance to win VIP tickets to MTV World Stage 2011.

Stacia & I

I brought Stacia Wong because Reco was having a wedding dinner. When we reached, we were welcomed with Twisties goddie bags, and bottomless drink, while waiting for the rest to come.

Twisties & I

Chit Chat Chit Chat
I love balloons... :)
 Before the party (read: games) began, they served us delicious buffet dinner. Mini bites burger, beef satay, pasta, fried prawn and fish & chips were prepared for us. The foods were superlicious! And also bottomless. Haha! Even when the game's started, Stacia still busy with her food. 

The Buffet

Yummy-licious foods

My platter :)
The Coke

The Sprite with Lemon

Notice the notes next to the drink? That's inside our goodie bags. Each people might get different song, and when the MC mentioned the song title, we should go and run to the stage. The first couple who reached stage had to mumble the song and won prizes. 

Ice-Breaking games
And after the dinner, the real show began... 

Focus on the yellow colour ONLY :)
You see the yellow sticker on my hand? That's the number for my group. So, I had to gather with another 3 people who had the same number with me to create a band. Our band's name was "Anonymous". Four of us had to play drum, bass, guitar, and lead singer. Never played those instruments before? Afraid not, because... 

Luvv this game
Cool rite? Even though my group didn't win, but we had so much fun!

Cool? hahaha ^^
And we still got passes to attend MTV World Stage, next week!! thanks to Twisties, Nuffnang, and Churp-Churp for all the fun. It was FUN-TASTIC! 

Regular passes to MTV World Stage

Yes, it's 4 tickets =)
It's not just a pair, but I got 2 pairs =)

Awesome freebies from Nuffnang, ChurpChurp and of coz, Twisties
Sneak peak, what's inside the goodie bag?

See ya guys next week and stay tune, ok! ^^ 

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