Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Magnum Paintball Challenge 2013

Last Saturday I had an unforgettable moment with Magnum4D. For the very first time, I finally tried a game called "Paintball". Yeah, laugh me, I know I'm lousy for not trying it earlier, but hey, at least I don't have to spend money for this game. Thanks to Magnum4D for sponsor everything. =D

We reached Bukit Jalil Park around 8am. After registration, they served us with breakfast while waiting everyone else to get ready. And at about 9am, before the game started, we had a quick briefing.

Our briefing instructor is a funny guy. For around 30 minutes he explained to us about the game, the safety, the safety, and the safety again. Yeah, paintball is considered an extreme game, so safety is very important. We have to really listen carefully on what to do(s) and don't(s), for our own safety. 

Our briefing instructor
preparing for briefing
 There were 10 teams, and I was in team number 9. Each team consist of 10 people, but unlucky for my team, 2 person didn't manage to come. So, we had to survive with 8 people. I brought a long 3 of my friends, and met 4 new friends there.

The gun is about 1.5kg, for some people it's not heavy, for me, it's kinda heavy. :p There were 2 expert teams, and they're really pro! They even brought their own equipment, except the gun. To be fair, we have to use the same gun and given 50 bullets for each game.

The expert team #1

The expert team #2 and the winner!
The guns. The colorful guns are more lighter. :)
I know, most of you should've known how to play paintball. (I think I'm the newbie here). So, I don't have to explain how to play. Basically, you just shoot, shoot, and shoot. People said paintball is painful. I got shot few times, it's just a bit painful, thou.  

My team didn't manage to go to semi final. We're number 3 from the bottom. Well, I'm still proud, because 8 of us were really newbies, and I thought we were the loser. While waiting the finalists preparing themselves for the last battle, we had our awesome lunch provided by Magnum4D. And after we got the winner, each of us didn't come home with empty hand. Win or Lose, we still got prize from magnum4D. They really treat us nice, right? :D 

My team!!

I really enjoyed my Sunday morning with Magnum4D. And, my friend's brother who joined us that day said this to me, "please take me go again to any other Magnum4D event in the future!"

If you don't wanna miss this kind of opportunity, faster start with following Magnum4D facebook page and also twitter! Here's the links for you:

Magnum4D official facebook:

Magnum4D official twitter:

Magnum4D official website:

Don't wait, let's join! :) 


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