Friday, May 10, 2013

Bloggeroid Application: Testing

I just dowloaded Bloggeroid application on my phone so that I could easily blogging on mobile. I'm not sure whether it's a good application so let's try whether the photos are put as in order.

First photo is Reco Wong's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that I bought for her as replacement of her stolen iPhone. Bought it on 30 April 2013, hope it's not stolen anymore. (Choi!!!)

Second photo is my little princess, Fey. Taken at Gasing Vet on 30 April 2013. She had to be admitted for few days :'( but now she's ok! :)

Third photo is my spoil cat, Kate. Taken in the toilet.. =.= she always follows me to the toilet and waiting til she falls sleep. Crazy cat! But I love her :p

Ok, gotta go, save and publish it. Hope it turns as good as post from website! :)


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