Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hop Hop Cafe @ SS18, Subang Jaya

Hop Hop Cafe's Menu 
When I first enter the place, I saw the order counter with open kitchen, but I couldn't find the menu, until I looked back. It's there, on the blackboard! 

They serve varieties of simple western food, coffee and cakes. We started with a set of affogato and Oreo cheese cake. It comes with Haagen Dash ice-cream! 

Oreo Cheese Cake 
Affogato + Ice Cream 

Macaroni & Cheese 
Next, we ordered Macaroni & Cheese. It's "kosong" as some of us are vegetarian. Normally, they serve it with chicken or beef meat. 

Earl Grey Tea 
Earl Grey tea as our drink. There's no free water, but you can buy a bottle of mineral water from them for RM3, and you're also helping an animal rescue group that they choose every month. 

A young girl could finish all of these all together!! :D 
Now, what's so special about this place? Why I would definitely come again, and again and again? 
You must have known the answer if you know me well. It's because.... Pet Friendly place!!! 

Yay! Another pet friendly cafe is in town!! They also have their own rabbits INSIDE the cafe, and you can pet them while enjoying your coffee. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before entering the rabbit zone, because we don't want those tiny fluffy little thingy get hurts, do we? 

 My fatty boy, Cairo, got to enjoy himself in the outdoor area. It's non air-conditioned, but worry not, as now they are doing renovation and upgrading it to become air-conditioned, so our furry-kids can feel comfortable while accompanying us.

Choices of cakes 
 This is the indoor area. On the left side is the rabbit zone. There's a long table with chairs for you to sit and enjoy your coffee while watching the rabbits hopping here and there. I took the picture of the rabbits from outside because it was rabbit resting time when I got there.

Do take note, 2 - 4pm is their resting time, so if you want to pet them, do come earlier or later. :D 
And since they are doing renovation to make all pet lovers and their pets comfortable, they are closed until 19 June 2014. Follow their facebook page  for more update, ok! 

Can I have my Earl Grey, please? 

High tea with Cairo, the fatty chihuahua, anyone? :)

7, Jalan SS18/6, Subang Jaya, Selangor 
Open daily, 7am - 10pm, Friday - Saturday 7am - 11pm. 


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