Monday, October 31, 2011

Deepavali Trip to Bagan Lalang with Buddies

Welcome to Bagan Lalang Beach
It's so good having a best friend to share with, chit-chat with, and spend the time together with, and thank God I found not only one but few... 

the girls going to the shop.. for shopping!
We've planned this trip about 2 weeks before the H-day. To arrange a one day trip is kinda hard for us, because we don't always have the same off-time. We have different working time. Crystal is a beautician who mostly be busy during public holiday, Reco is a banker who sometimes has appointment with her customer even in holiday time. Chian Ye is a student who's busy with her school assignments and projects, while Kei-Kei and Alicia are office staffs. So, it's really a bless we could gather for a one day trip on Deepavali holiday.

Cute bao-bei posing =)
We met up around 8am in the morning and had a breakfast together. We also brought some cold drinks, tuna sandwich, and nasi lemak for our lunch. Drove 2 cars, and it's Kei-kei's first time driving to Bagan Lalang with her new car. So, it's kinda excited!!

Shopping & shopping
Girls are girls... the first thing we did when we're reached were shopping! we bought floppy beach hat and also beach toys. I saw many colorful windmills for sale there, and it reminds me of my childhood time. I used to beg my daddy to buy this for me whenever I saw it.

beautiful and colorful 
The cute little girl in the picture is Crystal's daughter, Jamie Leong. She's our favorite. I found out that she has talent in modelling. Her acts during the photography sessions were so hilarious! She stunned us with her innocent look and actions. She's a sweet darl <3

my favorite picture

I-Scream.. anyone?
Thank God it's not raining during the times we spent on the beach. We played water, sand, and caught small crabs. Doing cam-whore, and relaxed on the mat chit-chating.

Few hours trying to make a sand castle...

Our catching of the day ^^

left to right: Crystal, Reco, Alicia, Chian Ye, Kei-Kei
My buddies =) They are so adorable right? 3 of them are not available :p hahaha.

Now... guess who is the lovely girl hiding behind her floppy beach hat? =) 

It's a very blissful day, indeed.

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