Friday, October 28, 2011

My Chihuahuas, the Real Adventurer

My chihuahuas are tiny, but they are MIGHTY. I've taken them to many places, such as mall, beach, hill and cinema. Playground is like a gym for them, where they can practice to run and keep fit.

They confront tigers with no fear :)

Or even ride an elephant.

and also be a life guard :)

My Chi's also knows how to function a laptop, and watch their favourite movie, Criminal Minds.

Plus, they never outdated. iPad is their gadget to collect information from the internet before they start their adventure. :)

They have no fear (except to me), and such a great partner-in-crime. I've almost done everything with them, but now realize that the only thing we haven't done is GET ON THE BOAT!!

I'm not sure if my Chi's would have a seasickness as I do. Well, for sure it's hard to get a boat for dogs in Malaysia here. I read on the news that I could take them for a ferry ride to Langkawi, but they must be put inside the crate and placed in cargo area. That's the problem....

They won't like to stay inside there... so, it's another challenge for us to "smuggle" them inside my bag and sit in the cabin. And if they could make it till Langkawi ( I really hope they won't bark >.< ) then my Chihuahuas are equal with Snowy, Tin Tin's dog!!

I need to watch The Adventures of Tin Tin, to make sure that dogs won't get seasickness on the boat =) And, NuffnangMY is giving out premiere screening for this movie. Yay!! For more details on how to get the tickets, click in HERE.

Finger crossed!! ^^

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