Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Nuffnang Story

It was on 31 March 2011 when I first created my very first blog. I came across to read Isaac's blog and saw that little cute Nuffnang's ad, and wonder myself, what's that. Google-d it and found the website, so without further ado, I clicked SIGN UP. 

 Isaac also introduced me to another bloggers via twitter, and we finally met at the premiere screening organized by Nuffnang. It's really the first time for me to meet new friends from the internet and could finally meet up in real. Not only 1-2 friends, but I gained more than 10 friends after I joined Nuffnang. 

I felt very happy whenever I've been invited to the premiere screening because movie is my drugs. Super 8 was the first movie from Nuffnang, and once again, I gained more and more friends. I got to know friendly Nuffies, like Anne, Fresh, Farah and the latest one is Mikaela. 
Beautiful Nuffies

Mikhaela & Mikaela :)

Not only movies, Nuffnang has also given me a lot of extra ordinary experiences full with joy and fun. They invited me to attend gadget launching event, such as Blackberry and Samsung, taught me how to make up with L'oreal event, bring me to party with Twisties, and many more. 

Even though I'm a lousy blogger, because I'm too busy to update my blog in daily basis, Nuffnang still be kindly invites me to any event they have. I loveeeee loveee lovee Nuffnang! To close year 2011, in the middle of December, Nuffnang presents the second edition of the Blog Awards as a celebration of the rapidly expanding blogging community in the Asia-Pacific region. I would like to attend this award ceremony, and my main purpose is..... 
Yeahh.. to see the Nuffnang's founder in person!!! I know, I could meet him at his office (if I'm lucky and he's not busy), but I wish to see him on the stage of the NAPBASS award, hear his pubic speech, and learn from this below-30-years-old successful entrepreneur on how to be successful like him. It's so damn cool to be a boss in a young age, have young employees, and live our working life with fun, dynamic and fresh! At least, that's what I think of Nuffnang. =) 

 Really appreciate what Nuffnang's doing with my life. Thanks a lot Nuffnang!! I will be more diligent, and write more and more and more so next 2 years I could be in the list of NAPBASS' nominee. ^^ 


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