Friday, November 25, 2011

Seeking Justice (2011)

Stars : Guy Pearce, January Jones, Jennifer Carpenter, Nicolas Cage
Director : Roger Donaldson
Genre : Action / Drama / Thriller
Release Date : 17 Nov 2011
Runtime : 1 hour 47 minutes

Nick Gerard is a man enraged. When his wife Laura (Jones) is assaulted in a sudden and random manner, and the couple are left to pick up the pieces, Nick refuses to go quietly. He is soon approached by someone who calls himself Simon (Pearce), who offers to "take care of it", for him, in return for a promise to return a favour in the future. Nick agrees, however, things are not as simple as it seems when Nick is soon called upon to return the favour with actions that goes against his morals.

Nicholas Cage was the only reason that made me watch this movie. And, obviously, if it's not him, I would think twice. The story was kinda interesting, but there were few unclear scenes. If you're a fans of Nicholas Cage, You should watch this. If you're not... well, just enjoy the interesting story about justice in our daily life. 

Once again, it's because of Nicholas Cage... :p 

Thanks to GSCMOVIES for the premiere screening tickets ^^ 


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