Friday, April 27, 2012

Titanic 3D

Stars : Bill Paxton, Billy Zane, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates, Leonardo DiCaprio
Director : James Cameron
Genre : Adventure / Drama / Historical
Release Date : 5 Apr 2012
Runtime : 3 hours 14 minutes

This 3D re-release of the 1997 film, starts out as a present day undersea expedition in search of a valuable diamond aboard the wreckage of the Titanic, however, it then uncovers a tragic story of love between 17-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) and Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), a free-spirited artist and third-class passenger who ignites the unquenchable fires of passion inside her. As their story begins, the fate of the Titanic draws to a tragic end across the icy waters of the Atlantic. ~Maxis Movies 

Anyone remember this movie? For me, this one is can't be forgotten. The debut of Leonardo Dicaprio, where everyone started to look at him as a handsome young actor, with his blue eyes, and romantic act in the movie... Every girls must say "I wish I could be Rose..." 

Now, James Cameron brings us back to this romantic moments between Jack and Rose with 3D effect. Honestly, with or without 3D, I still would watch this movie over and over again. Watched it with my girl-friends at the midnight, we were very enthusiast. The words that we would never forget is "you jump... I jump.." and, guess who's crying during the show???

Cia, Crystal & Reco
Before the show, we had our coffee in Starbuck, and the barista spelled Crystal name as Crystar. :p

We really enjoy the show and yu want to know what's the rating? it's 100 from me!!! :)

Now, may I introduce you with my Zack Dawson:


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