Friday, April 27, 2012

Puppies are Everywhere!!

Yes, I know.. I was missing, then back again, missing then back again. I really can't put my ass in front of the computer and write something to update this blog. But, i have many stories to tell. Should I hire a writer, then? :p

I'm busy with puppies now. Lots of puppies. They are not puppies from the pet shop or purebreds or intentionally breeding them for sale. These puppies are stray.

Few months ago, I kept on complaining people who let their dogs roaming around and mating with other dogs. Why I complaint? Because they don't want to spay or neuter their dogs and when the dog gets pregnant, they just simply throw the puppies to the street. Then, when the puppies grow, they produce more and more, finally, we complaint to local council to catch all the strays in the neighborhood, because they are disturbing. You see, if you read again from the top, who made the mistake, actually?

How many puppies are there in the picture? I found them at abandoned land nearby my house. There are 10 puppies! Few of them have skin disease, while the others might be ok. To be sure they are healthy, I have to bring them home, quarantine them for round 2 weeks, and check their stool, behavior and appetite. If everything ok, of course they are ready to be put for adoption.

But the problem is, I can't bring those 10 puppies to home. :( have no enough time and manpower to do so, plus there are another 28 monsters in my house. So, what I can do now is taking 2-3 puppies home, and take the rest once the previous have been adopted.

I pray there's no heavy rain.

Please let me know if you want to adopt a puppy or could give me a hand to temporary foster them.

Thanks and lotsa love,

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