Friday, August 10, 2012

Nuffnang's New Layout!!

I was about to check what's the latest news on the Nuffnang's website when I was shocked by their new-fresh-awesomely-layout! I thought I was in a wrong address, but obviously there's 'Nuffnang' word there =P

Nice, right? And yes, I clicked, "Join Nuffnang". Stupid me. Hahaha... I guess, the layout is toooooo awesome.

and when I realized, I should've clicked "Sign in" instead of "Join Nuffnang". hehehe. After finally succeed to log in, I was getting more and more impressed! Nuffnang is a flipbook now! It's like reading a book in high-tech way, and very user-friendly.

I just love the new Nuffnang!! ^^ Come and join, guys!! =)


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