Thursday, September 6, 2012

PhiloSophy In My Life

Philo & Sophy were 2 abandoned puppies that I found and successfully re-homed to a very lovely couple in Malacca, Doris & Frankie. It was months ago, and they never fail to update me by sending emails and photos until now. 

I would like to share their latest email to all of you, and if you are a dog-lovers, animal activists, feeders or rescuers, you might know how delightful I am to have this kind of adopter. :)

Dear Zofa,

Long time did not send pictures of the two gladiators girls of ours. They have grown up and still a little naughty I would say for biting things around the garden. They are very happy with us and can be very lovable at times when they don't fight.

Grace (Philo) & Bunny (Sophy)

 The older girl is Grace but she is not as graceful as I want her to be becos she sits very funny and exposing know what I mean ? She is very vocal and always quarrel with her papa.She growls and bark at her papa when he comes home from his regular games. We don't understand what her barks are and she can really scold for quite a while before she stops and warm up with her dad. She warms up with mama too and loves to be loved and cuddled.

As for Bunny the little girl can be very fierce with Grace.Don't see her small in size ,she can be a chilli padi and always pick up fight with Grace over food or toys. Now they fight less but have to keep an eye on them otherwise they can start a ferocious fight anytime. We will always tell them off if they start growling at each other and they dare not fight becos papa mama will scold and warn them.

They have they regular meals of dry food in the morning while dinner is cooked rice with chicken and vegetables. In between they have plenty of fresh mangoes from our trees and they can eat faster than my hand can feed. They eat the flesh of the mangoes while we eat the seed. How lucky they are !!!

We love them and we really do becos they are a joy to us. All dogs are beautiful and a good companion as long they don't fight la. Initially when they came they fight almost daily and a big headache for us becos we have to dress their wounds after the fight. Now they are grown up and less fighting but we have to keep an eye on them. They know how to come to us for love and hugs and little Bunny always jealous when I hug Grace and she will push her way in to be loved first. She knows how to stare at Grace if she never gets her hugs and kisses.

 I love them equally and always spend time to be with them and talk to them as well. Bunny clever to buy our hearts by bringing toys to us each time she sees us. You know what her gifts of toys she brings for us ? Enclosed herewith are the toys she has. You can see how many pairs of garden sandals both sisters have bitten to bits. They can be very destructive. But never mind la papa mama loves them and let it be.

Will keep you post dated of their well being again and thank you so much for bring these two devils to us.


Doris and Frankie

God knows how to do His magic. When I'm feeling tired and hopeless with rescuing and rehoming, He asks these lovely people to send this email to me. :-) 

 Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. ~Anatole France


Mikhaela Dessy Chan

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