Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Explosion at Empire Shopping Gallery

By the time I opened Facebook this morning, the first news I got from friends' status was the explosion at Empire Shopping Gallery. It happened as early as around 3.30am in the morning, and the explosion was heard from as far away as Bangsar.

Entrance of Subang Jaya from federal highway

The exact explosion was located at the entrance of Subang Jaya from Federal Highway. Four people were hurt in that explosion, and the police has yet determine the cause of the blast but damage is extensive, affecting the parking lot and many outlets on the basement level and even the ground floor. Nearly the entire stretch of the front portion of the newly-built mall was blown out, damaging a number of cafes, restaurants and clothing stores including Tangs and Starbucks Coffee.

Four people who injured are two Nepalese security guards and a couple. They received minor scrapes and bruises. 

The moment I recalled Empire Shopping Gallery, what first crossed in my mind was there's a pet shop. Thank God the animals there are alright. I'm sure they must be very shock, and barked loudly at the moment. One of my Facebook friend who live nearby said that her dog kept barking for whole night because of that explosion. 
Some of the dogs who has been rescued from the location 
Hope the police could investigate this incident soon, and the mall could operate as normal again. Well, obviously they should be more careful so this incident won't happened again. 

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