Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mauled By Rottweilers. Why the blame is always on the Dog?

PETALING JAYA: Being mauled by a Rottweiler is enough to kill a person. However, a tractor driver survived an attack by three Rottweilers for about 25 minutes.

Ting Soon Teck, 33, who was bitten all over his body, required 150 stitches and still winces when he recalls the Sept 18 incident.

The father of three had gone fishing with his brother-in-law at a private fishing pond in Taman Orkid Desa that day.

The brother-in-law then complained of a headache and went to their car parked a distance away to take a nap.
‘That’s how I fought them’: Ting showing his injuries at his home in Jalan Kasawari, Puchong, yesterday
“After two hours, I decided to leave with my catch of two fish.

“I called out to the pond owner but five Rottweilers raced towards me instead. Before I knew it, three of them pounced on me and began mauling me.

“I felt pain and could feel their teeth sinking into my flesh although I tried to ward off the attack by punching and kicking the dogs.

“One ripped off the flesh above my ankle before eating it.

“I could even see my bone,” he said at his Jalan Kasawari home in Puchong yesterday.

Ting said he thought he would die and almost gave up hope. “But I just threw punches until my knuckles were bruised and bleeding.”

After about 15 minutes, the fishpond owner's wife, in her 60s, heard his cries for help, rushed over to him and tried to pull the dogs away.

About 10 minutes later, his brother-in-law, who heard the commotion, also helped pull the dogs away and rushed Ting to a private hospital.

“The doctors were taken aback by the extent of my injuries and I was close to death,” he said.
“I was soaking in my own blood.”

A police report was lodged and the pond owner, in his 60s, was arrested.
The pond owner faces a jail term of up to six months, a maximum fine of RM2,000 or both.

“The owners did not obtain a licence to rear the dogs and as such, City Hall has seized the dogs,” Cheras OCPD Asst Comm Mohan Singh said.

Ting and his wife Yong Su Cheng, 28, felt sympathetic towards the owner and have forgiven him.
“However, I strongly urge the authorities to put the dogs to sleep as they are too dangerous.”

source: The Star  

Once again, my heart breaks when I read this news. Another dogs will be put to sleep because of the irresponsible owner. Forgive the owner but put to sleep the dog? Come on!! They are doing what they supposed to do! They are protecting the owner. Do you expect them to come to you, and said "sorry, you are not allowed to go in, please go out." If only they could talk, they would! But, they are dogs. They bark and bite. It's the owner's responsibility to tied the dogs when he/she is not around. It's the owner's responsibility to control their dogs, and not just let them wandering around.

The one who should responsible is the owner, not the dogs. So, please stop asking the authorities to put to sleep the dogs when this kind of case happened. The dogs are not stray, the dogs have an OWNER!

Do you think whenever this things happened and you put the sleep the dogs, the problem solve? The stupid idiotic owner could buy another dogs, exactly like that, and cause another nightmare like this.

If only those dogs could talk...... :'(


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  2. haizzz.... true that... if only dogs have the right to sue the owner back!