Friday, April 22, 2011

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dimsum, Puchong

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum
Address: No 7 & 8, Jalan Kenari 8,
Bandar Puchong Jaya
Phone No: 03 – 7729 6866

My early breakfast of today!! Have been wanted to try this restaurant, because Grandba Wong said this place is superb for the dim sum.

So, finally here we are. Before going to attend Good Friday's service this afternoon, we spent our time to go KTV. Neway opens at 11AM, but due to lack of transportation :p we decided to follow Reco Wong to her office at 8.30AM, and spent our morning at this dim sum place.

For your information, we here are: Rowye, Stacia, and I.

There's only few choices of dim sum here, and as usual, we picked Salad Ha (Salad Prawn) as our starter. The skin's kinda special. From all the dim sum places I ate before, this one is the best! ^^

This one is Fried Fu Cuk, and there's another prawn inside :p I didn't eat this tho.

Wonder what are these? hahaha... this is their special ketchup and chili sauce.

Steam bao... Once again, I didn't eat this. Rowye and Stacia finished it themselves. :p

Lotus Rice, or something like that they called. Look like Lo Mai Kai, only Lo Mai Kai is more sticky than this. Well, I prefer Lo Mai Kai, tho. =)

Xiao Long Bao. Kinda disappointed with the skin, as it's too thick. I still prefer Dragon-i.

The Siomay's delicious. Special and yummy =)

Wanton Noodle with Char Siew. Well, I love the Char Siew, the Wanton, and the noodle, but not for the Soup. There's a flour taste mix with the soup, so the taste's kinda yaikkzzz... Perhaps, if you order the dry one, that would be nicer :)

Reco Wong came to join us after her meeting, skipped for a while *finger crossed, her boss won't read this* and this is always her favorite, Steam Pork Rib.

My all time's favorite, Chicken Claw. It's superb nice!

All the food's average was nice, special compared with the others. The price is slightly more expensive, from Rm4-6. We also didn't order ice to drink our Jasmine tea. The place was freakin cold, it made our tea freezing.
LOL =)

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