Friday, April 29, 2011

Dinner @ Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur

Address: Ground Floor, Wisma Concorde
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2715-5555
Open time: 11am-2.30am (kitchen closes at 10.30pm)

Last night after my class, Reco Wong picked me up and she looked a bit upset. She told me that there's something about her job thingy, and she's kinda stress.

My mother always told me that there's many ways to help people with their problems, even though the help doesn't always to solve the problem itself, but at least we could help to clear her mind so that she could think of way to solve the problem. And, one of that help is : to cheer her up =)

I know well she loves to eat, especially good foods. That's why I decided to take her the place that she's never been there before, and my choice was correct! ^.^
The Stage
I love the ambiance here. Full of music but it's not noisy. The staffs also are very friendly. They serve us with manners, patience, and informative.

Someone's having birthday here :)
There's a customer who's having birthday that night, and the staffs made her day so special by complied with her friends to surprise her. She's a real happy lady that night ^^

The Photographer was not in d mood.
Reco Wong was not in the mood of photography that night, that's why most of the photos are dark. Well, definitely she's in the mood with food once she saw the menu. LOL.
Electrical drink ~ Shoot you till u get sober! lol
She asked for a cocktail and the waiter suggested this drink to her, to boost her with energy, fresh, and surprise feeling =)

Raspberry Smoothies
A non-alcohol drink for me. Hmmm... I'm kinda proud of myself for free from caffeine for almost a year and alcohol for almost a month. hahahahah ^.^ The smoothies is very good, if you are a banana lover. :p

Our first appetizer. We always like to try nachos in everywhere. Hard Rock cafe Nachos is good, perfect combination between the cheese and the crispy. If you like cheese too much, I suggest you to try Library's nachos :)

Chili Crabmeat Dip
This one is awesome!! I know some people must be wondering, "chilli crabmeat in Hard Rock Cafe?" Hell yeah! You don't have to go to Klang or Jalan Alor and spend more than RM50 to eat the chilli crabmeat with mandao (bread). You can come here and just spend RM20, guarantee satisfied your stomach =) Love this one very muchie!! ^^

Hickory-Smoked Pulled-Lamb Sandwich
A little disappointed when the waitress said there's no lamb shank's available so Reco had to change her main course with this sandwich. Apparently, this ain't bad at all! the lamb was soft and tender, plus there's no smell of the lamb. No regret, yet she said "I'll come back soon for the lamb shank!"

Reco likes lamb very much, because she doesn't really like fish, bored with chicken, and can't eat beef. To respect her religion for not eating beef, whenever I go out with her, I never order any beef in the menu. Guess what, it's been more than 3 years I'm a beef-free! =P

Mac Chicken & Cheese
My childhood favorite! Look at the macaroni-es.. they cooked well and fair with the cheese. But I love moreeee cheeseeeee!! I will request more cheese next time.

They gave us candle light :) sweet!
If you are not a big-eater, I suggest you t share the food with your friends, because the portion is kinda big. The last call from the kitchen is at 10.30PM, so faster order and enjoy your meal, and after that you can enjoy the live music with drinks.

Total bill for our meals was less than RM200. And once again, the friendly waitress asked us whether we had a member card? He advised us to make a member card at the merchandise shop next to the cafe, so that we could entitled for 10% discount. The discount is valid for all Hard Rock Cafe all around south-east Asia, while in other countries, we could collect points. He waited us to make the member card, and settled our bill after. :)

The member card costs RM90 for a life time, and you will get a goodies bag as well ^^.

Smile!! :)
She's back to normal!! A cheerful and happy gurl :) After the meal, we sat a while, then continue to 2nd round bar in the Concorde hotel.

A bit info about her. She's an eldest from 6 siblings, has a strong character, kinda rude, and macho (but not tomboy - yet, sometimes people think she is). Actually, she's not as strong as she looks. She's also fragile, low-self esteem, and definitely not a sweet-talker! She talks fact, not bullshit, but sometimes, people are happy to be bullshit-ed, that's why it's hard for her to build a good relationship with those kinds of people.

By all accounts, she is a good person. Loves her family. Works hard, and shoulders all her responsibilities.

She is a person that any one of us would be proud to call "FRIEND".

Buen provecho!!!



  1. Good Post indeed, I like Mac and Cheese too XD

    Anyways Crab Meat Dip I tried once in my life hahaha, over-reacting right?

    Anyways Thor is nice to watch for everyone :)

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