Monday, April 25, 2011

Olivenz Steamboat, Puchong

Venue: No.2, Jalan Puteri 2/5
Bandar Puteri 47100 Puchong
Contact No.: +6016-9592348

Going to church for Holy Saturday mass, but before we went to pick up Reco's sister, Rowye from work and decided to dine steamboat, as the weather is a perfect match! :)

We chose Olivenz Steamboat in Puchong because it's near Rowye's office and also there's a church nearby.
The buffet style steamboat charge you RM23.80++ for adult and RM13.80++ for children.

It was very crowded, might be cause it's saturday and rainy night :)

There's side dishes such as chicken wings, keropok, and fried mee hon that has been ready-cooked while waiting your steamboat soup to be boiled if you're too hungry and can't wait :)

Many types of chili to dip your steamboat on. From belacan to prawn fried chili.

I chose to make my own chili, which a mixture between all the chilies plus garlic and soya sauce. Taste? Better than their original :)

So here you are, our steamboat! The soup on the left was the original chicken soup and tomyam soup on the right.

My seafood. The prawns were awesome!

My enemies :p I really don't like mushroom, but I don't mind to put in on my dishes, as long as I don't need to eat it.

Water crest vegie. In Wong's family rules of Steamboat, this vegie is a must!

And in Chan's family, Kang Kung is a must! lol :p
Try to put the Kang Kung in the tom yam soup, it tastes excellent.

My bowl of prawn tom-yam :)

This' Reco's creation to cook the Pork slice mix with egg. They said it will make your meat more tender and yummy. I said, it's just the same. hahahha. You go and try, and let me know how :)

And this one, is the Queen of Rice!!! Most of the steamboat places won't provide rice for you, but Chelsea Wong would never satisfied to eat if there's no rice... Her lovely sister tabao-ed for her.

Thank God, He reminded me to eat till full before going to church, because the Mass today was ended at around 12AM, and we'll get starving if we didn't... :)

Happy Easter, everyone.
God Bless You ^.^

PS: Here's how you get there =)

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