Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Roommate Movie Premiere, GSC 1 Utama

Have you watch "The Rommate" in cinema? Well, before you regret to spend some ringgits for this movie, better check for the review, right? :)

Sara (Minka Kelly) is fresh on campus from Iowa. But her new roomie, Hot Rebecca (Leighton Meester) is an Angelino and is wise to the ways of LA. Rich, friendly and helpful, she’s the kind of girl who’ll pick you up when your friends have ditched you at the club in the middle of the night. She’s just a little clingy, is all.

Hottie Gurl
Not much at all is up with “The Roommate,” a timid thriller that manages a couple of mild jolts and a couple of creepy-cringe-worthy moments in its Variations on a “Single White Female” theme. Yes, this is another horrific tale of roommates gone wrong.
Will you freak out?
The warning signs are Rebecca’s tendency toward over-protectiveness. She wants to know where where Sara is at all hours, expects her to call and punishes her “Girls Gone Wild” pal Tracy when she’s up too late. That seriously cramps Sara’s style with frat boy drummer, Hot Steven (Can Gigandet).
Sara ex-bf looks hotter than him :p
Meester and Kelly fail to fire up the tension as Rebecca turns weirder and Sara, in between costume changes, begins to sense something is up. Neither Rebecca’s madness nor Sara’s alarm at it have suspense, urgency or anything near the amperage to make “The Roommate” set off sparks.

Special thanks to and for giving me free movie tickets. You guys are the drugs that helps my addict to movie ^^

If you still curious, why don't you look at the trailer first:

See for your self!

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  1. Jayllytaa: you love psychological thriller? if yes, you should watch :) bring a long your friend! or, bring me =P hahaha..