Friday, April 22, 2011

Scre4m Movie Premiere

Anyone familiar with the above picture? These days we can found the mask sell in shopping mall, even though it's not Halloween yet. That's because the horror movie, Scre4m, is in the house ^.^
Cinema Online's booth @ TGV KLCC
Thanks and for the free movie tickets, I can watch the premier of my favorite horror movie :)

I've watched trilogy of Scream, and kinda shock when heard there's the fourth! The main character is still the same...
Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell. She's still pretty =) . She returns to her home town, Woodsboro, to promote her book and suddenly becomes a suspect of murder.

The Cute Couple, Dewey & Gale Riley. Dewey is a sheriff of Woodsboro and Gale's following her husband to stay in the small town, and sacrificed her career as a famous writer. Yet, her ambition is still there :)

Beside the old players, scre4m also entertain you with newcomer, pretty and handsome people, plus YOUNG. hahaha =)


"what's your favourite horror movie?"

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