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Fast (& Furious) Five Review

From The Fast and The Furious (2001), 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003), The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), Fast & Furious (2009), 2011 comes with Fast Five.

Former cop and FBI Agent, Brian O'Connor (Walker), has gone rogue in order to bust out the series' anti-hero, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), afer he was taken into custody at the end of the last movie.

The story picks up sometime later. O'Connor and Dominic's precious sister, Ma (Brewster), are back together but lacking finances in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. They take refuge with Vince (Schulze), who was a part of Dom's original crew in the first movie.

Vince offers Mia and O'Connor spots in a car heist job since they need money and Dom is MIA at the moment. They accept even though Mia is preggers and neglects to tell O'Connor. Dom arrives in time to pull of a daring car heist from a moving bullet train. It turns out thought the cars were seized in a DEA bust and contain the valuable property of powerful Brazilian drug lord, Reyes (Almeida).

Things go bad and Reyes' henchman winds up icing several DEA Agents on board the train and Torettos and O'Connor are on the run from the drug lord and ultimately the hardest DSS agent of all time, non other than The Rock himself as DSS Agent Hobbs.

With little room to breathe, Dome and O'Connor figure out the valuable cargo in one of the stolen cars is a manifest containing all the delivery and money drop off points for Reyes' crooked empire. Dom conspires a plan to steal all Reyes' money so the group can disappear for good. So here s where it gets interesting. Dom and O'Connor bring together a crew of pretty much every bit character you can think of from the last three movies. Here are the character:

1. Han is brought on as a precision driver and a "chameleon". While planning the heist, he falls for fellow team member Gisele, who attributes Han's constant need to occupy his hands to his being a former smoker. After the heist, the two start a relationship and travel through Europe, planning to eventually reach Tokyo. Han is portrayed by Sun Kang.

2. Gisele re-appears in Fast Five alongside Dominic's crew assisting him & Brian in their heist as their weapons expert, where it is revealed that she used to be an agent for the Mossad. Gisele Harabo is played by Gal Gadot.

3. Roman Pearce appears again in Fast Five as part of Dominic and Brian's team as a precision driver and "smooth-talker". He is reluctant at first, thinking the mission is personal and not being good business until Dom utters the vault is full of millions in cash which is enough to change his mind. Roman Pearce is portrayed by Roman Pearce.

4. Tej also appeared in Fast Five as part of Dom & Brian's crew brought on as their technician expert. Tej Parker is portrayed by Ludacris.

5. Another member of Toretto's team in the beginning of the film. Driving in the car at the end of the film with Rico when they go with Brian and Mia to get Dom out of the prison bus. In Fast Five, he is in Dominic's crew assisting with the heist. Tego Leo is portrayed by Tego Calderon.

6. A member of Toretto's team in the beginning of the film and then in the end when they are busting Dom out of the prison bus. In Fast Five, he is in Dominic's crew assisting with the heist. Rico Santos is portrayed by Don Omar.

7. Vince re-appears in Fast Five living in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro with his wife and son. He tries to steal one of three cars on a train he attempted to hijack in an earlier mission, but it goes awry. Dom's trust in his longtime friend is strained for a time when he was caught hiding information from the team, but ultimately regains that trust after saving Mia from being killed and joins Dom's heist team. He later dies from a gunshot wound before the crew could perform their heist on Reyes. Dom gives Vince's share of the heist to his wife and son. Vince is portrayed by Matt Schulze.

The group is planning to rob a police station.

I love the way Dom stares to either his friends or his enemies. He's calm, cold-headed, and always have a brilliant ideas in difficult circumstances. This scene is when he challenges Hobbs to arrest him. "This is BRAZIL!" he shouted.

And watch the trailer...!!

At the end of the movie, there's a surprise given by the director, Justin Lin.

In a post-credits scene, Hobbs is shown sitting at his desk when Monica Fuentes, the undercover agent from 2 Fast 2 Furious, comes in with a file concerning a group of hijackers who ambushed a military convoy in Berlin. As Hobbs flips through the information, he is shocked when a recently taken picture of Letty appears, implying that she survived the car crash and shooting in Fast & Furious.

I guess we'll see soon the Fast & Furious 6 =)

Can't wait!!! <3

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