Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coffee Bean @ Bangsar Village

Just finished my class and waiting for Reco Wong to finish her signing with her customer before heading to dinner. Her appointment is also in Bangsar area, Coffee Bean, more exactly.

To be honest I don't really like to go to Coffee Bean and would more prefer Starbuck. Not because the coffee tastes awful, but the service does.

The waitress in most of Coffee Bean is not as polite and friendly as Starbuck. No matter how good the food or drink in one place, I won't say it's good if they can't give me a good service as well.

Coffee? No.. No... Told ya I don't drink coffee. It's Ices Tea Latte.

Why I decided to stop drinking coffee? Because I don't want my brain get spoil from it. Hahaha! Well, sometimes, I will have a terrible headache few hours after drank coffee. So, for my own sake, I gotta stop it.

Back to my Ice Tea Lattee... They serve new flavor of tea, Spring Peach!

They also have English Breakfast, Chai, Vanilla Cylon, Chocolate Mint and Tropical Passion.

They also sell a single beverage system, a machine to make a goof coffee, espresso and also tea, just like they serve in here =)

Oh, and btw..
Coffee Bean's price is more expensive than starbuck =p

Lotsa love,

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