Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dancing Fish Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

 Address: 3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Tel:  03-2095 6663

One of Indonesian-Malay Restaurant that serve good foods, with excellent service and quality. There's not many Chinese-Malaysian have an appetite to Indonesian foods, because it's fried and spicy, but not for my makan-kaki, Reco Wong. Since I introduced her with Indonesian foods, she's started her addiction.

 The Crackers with Fiery Sambal. in Indonesia this crackers named Emping. During my childhood life, I often eat hot white rice with this Emping pour with sweet soya sauce.

Indonesian Ice Tea
 Indonesian Sweet Ice Tea. Just like Malaysian have their Cameron Tea, Indonesia also has their own tea which taste differently from any other teas. It's refreshing and relaxing.

Barley Drink
 To be honest, I seldom had a Barley as my beverage. And again, this wasn't mine. 

I didn't force her to drink that. She's the one who had willingness to order that drink =) 

While waiting the foods to be served,  I took the picture of the restaurant's environment. The setting is serene and classy. Service is excellent and staffs are polite. You might think this is a expensive restaurant, judging from their setting, but no! They are affordable enough and worth every penny.

White Rice or Yellow Rice
You could choose whether you want a white rice or yellow rice, and I chose to mix them. 

The most popular Asian vegie is no doubt Kang Kung. Whenever there's Fried Kang Kung in house, it's always be my top priority.

Kerabu Pucuk Paku
This is called Wild Fern Shoot Salad, or in Malay name: Kerabu Pucuk Paku. It's cooked with coconut and taste a bit spicy. It's delicious =)

Bebek Goreng Bali
As the restaurant name Dancing Fish, we supposed had to try their truly dancing fish, but because there's only two of us (we didn't bring any back up), we thought that we couldn't manage to finish all the foods up, so we chose to take Bali Fried Duck or Bebek Goreng Bali as our main course. Crispy duck, marinated in Balinese herbs & spices for 24 hours, then fried, absolutely MOUTHWATERING!

Cumi Bakar
Grilled Squid or Cumi Bakar. This was requested by Reco, because she's a squid lover, and it didn't fail me, really.

Soto Ayam
Indonesian Chicken Soup or Soto Ayam. Simple and taste just ok. If you're a soto ayam consumer like me, you'll agree with me that this one just an ok taste =P come to Jakarta and you'll find the real super delicious soto ayam that you won't forget.

Es Cendol
The last order was dessert, Ice Cendol. If you don't like sweet, reminds them when you order this to reduce the brown sugar, because the taste's kinda sweet. It's a good dessert, though =)

Well, I'll definitely will come back here again for their Dancing Fish, very soon ^.^

Selamat makan!!

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