Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brunch @ Scrummy *House of Pasta*, River City

It's really hot, the Sun really burns my skin, make me refused to have a meal nearby my house. I'm following Reco Wong to Jalan Ipoh as she's gonna meet her customer there. So.... Working on the weekend? Only applicable for her =p

I never been to this area before, i mean Jalan Ipoh, and it's kinda hard to find good and non-ordinary food here. What you can find easily is only fast food like Old Town, Subway, etc..

If you come accross to River City, there's this cafe who serve western food, and it's kinda suitable with my condition right now, in need of air-conditioner! :)

This is what we need first. Cold and refreshing drinks! RM5.50 for watermelon and RM3.00 for the 7up.

Mushroom soup RM5.50. The soup is good and the bread is crispy. If you wanna add-on the bread, I suggest you to order the soup, because the bread itself cost RM3.50 =.= pricey, huh!

Pasta ala vongole is a spaghetti with mushroom, pitted chili and cilantro broth. It's kinda weird, yet taste is not bad. Cost you RM8.50 per plate.

Chicken Gordon Blue. It's a big NO. I think they bought the instant gordon blue like we can find in Jusco or Giant. The worst I ever ate. Well, it only cost you RM12.50, though.

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