Thursday, May 19, 2011

Insidious Movie Premiere @ 1Utama

The Scene starts with a young couple with three children that have just moved in to their new house. Sometime later, as Dalton (Ty Simpkins), the eldest son, is playing, he hears noises in the attic and goes to investigate. He steps on an old ladder to turn on the light when it breaks, causing Dalton to fall. He starts screaming after looking at a shadowy corner. He starts screaming after looking at a shadowy corner. Renai (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Patrick Wilson) help him, then tuck him into bed, confident he only took a minor fall and scared himself.

At first, Josh didn't believe what his wife said, until...
The next day Josh goes to wake Dalton, but he does not move. They rush him to the hospital where the doctors say he is in an unexplained coma. Three months later he is still in a coma and they bring him home to care for him.

Renai sees something scary...
Over the next few days, disturbing events begin to occur. Renai believes the house is haunted and Josh decided to move them to the new house, but still, Renai sees something in their new house until Josh's mother, Lorraine (Barbara Hershey) contacts a friend, Elise Reiner (Lin Shaye), who deals in paranormal activity. So, do you believe in science or superstitious? obviously, this kind of thing can't be explained by science...

The "Ghost Buster" =P

if you often watched Chinese Ghost movies, you might feel few of the scenes in this movie are familiar. This movie's directed by talented Malaysian-born director James Wan. There’s no gore here, just some frightening images, impeccable sound design, and gleeful, over-the-top pounding of piano chords. For me, it's mentally scary rather than watching some murders, full of blood and people's screaming.

Cinema Online &
Thanks again to Cinema Online and - With Deals so good, you just can't stop laughing for giving me another free pass! You guys really have to faster like their fans page on facebook to be a lucky person like me =)

6 Tix: Mine, Reco Wong's, and Wong Yien Teng's
Stacia brought a long her friend who's having birthday last night. The movie was too scary for her, and she CRIED! A great experience though, celebrating your 18th birthday with scary movie, will make you be more "mature". hahaha...

Combo 3, Pirates of The Caribbean
Reco bought a popcorn set for us, and because she was aiming for the Pirate's special edition Bandana, she bought combo 3 set (2 large cokes, and 1 large popcorn). It's limited edition and while stock last, so faster grab it from Golden Screen Cinema =) 

As for me...... Last night I bought an awesome T-shirt, good quality, and good price!
It's Only RM10 :)
Reco had bought this T-shirt when we watched Scre4m premiere in KLCC, and I just managed to get it now because last time there's no S size for me. Both of us will wear this t-shirt every time we come for movie's screening. AWESOME!!! 


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  1. I'm a movie freak too !! Wahahaha.

    Looks like an interesting movie. I got the premiere tics too, but had to attend a food tasting session on the same night. I chose food :P