Monday, May 9, 2011

Pork Burger @ Ninja Joe

Mid Valley Outlet

Address: LG 233, The Garden Mid Valley City
Open Hour:10am - 10pm

Sunday evening after my class, Reco & I went to Mid Valley for some groceries shopping, and a lil bit of dinner, as (I dunno why) our stomach was still full but we aware that we have to eat dinner :p
So, Ninja Joe was our next target!

Are you "JOE"?
Ninja Joe is an original Japanese fast food concept best known for delicious pork burgers, so it's a Non-Halal fast food. And good news for those people name JOE, show your identification card that stated your name, and they will give you.... hmm.. JOE, just come and try it! I bet you'll be happy ^^

Fast Food Line
Like all the fast food restaurant, you have to queue to get your own food, and pay before you eat :p

What a snap!
And we got ours!!

2 Ninjas, 1 Coke & Fries was on the way...
2 burgers, one coke and a fries cost us RM13++.

Teriyaki Sauce
This was mine. A teriyaki Burger. Yummy~!!

Spicy Sauce. This one is NICE ^^
And this one was Reco's. Spicy burger. More yummy! Next time, I'll choose this one =P

Camwhoring :p

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Affordable price yet delicious!

Check out their menu here! It's not expensive, rite?! It's really satisfying. =)

Itadakimasu <3

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  1. You should try the big boss with extra bacon, definitely satisfying! =D

    Wanted to try Brucely too XD