Sunday, June 26, 2011

天下美食园 (Chinese Restaurant)

My first blog with Chinese title. That's because this restaurant has no english name and thanks to my friends, Stacia & Reco, to let me know what's the meaning of this place.

Tian Xia Mei Si Yuan literally means 'the most delicious place under the sky'. The restaurant is located inside a temple called Xing An in Jalan Balakong, just opposite of Jusco Cheras Selatan.

You read it right, no typo or wrong spelling. The restaurant is INSIDE the temple.

We were here to celebrate Grandma Lai's birthday which coming soon on 4th July. The restaurant was crowded by the time we came. It's almost full-house. We had to wait for around half hour to enjoy the food.

Tauge with bittergourd

Pork knuckle (chinese style)



Steam fish



Fish ball soup

I was too hungry that time and didn't really care on the taste. But to be honest, it's a little bit tasteless. It's not as delicious as people describe it, but when I asked Reco or Stacia how's the food, they answered me "ok ya.. It's good."

Perhaps my tongue is having a problem :p 
Sure have to try out once again next time to make sure it's really delicious or not. :) 

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