Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Henry's Crime ~ Movie Review

I watched this movie last week Tuesday, at midnight show in Mid Valley.
At first, I thought "Keanu Reeve's movie won't be that bad". But, I was wrong... It's definitely BAD.

The story is about an ordinary man names Henry who goes to jail for a robbery he didn't commit. Inside the jail, he realized that his life has no dream, boring, and he wants to change.

Keanu Reeves as Henry
Once he released, he plans on robbing the same bank with his former cellmates. He falls in love with a girl, yet he has to choose, either makes his dream come true.or be together with the woman he loves...

Honestly,  the plot is very boring boring for me. My friends even felt sleep in the cinema. I would never do that coz even how bad the movie is, I'm a movie freak so won't let my self fall in to sleep mode, so I awaken till the movie ended.  

Vera Farmiga as Julie
You won't see a cool Keanu as we saw him in Speed or Matrix. The setting was in a non-popular town, antagonist character looked more stupid rather than bad for me, and the female main character looks older than him. 

Have a look at the trailer, before you watch it.


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  1. Henry's Crime, most girl favourite movie but some of them say it is not nice . . . well guess that I need to watch it by myself LOL