Thursday, June 9, 2011

Movie Premiere: Super 8 @ TGV KLCC

Super 8 is a science fiction movie from Stephen Spielberg and directed by J.J. Abrams. Yes, Spielberg! you must've thought that this movie would be awesome with the sound effect and cool scene like some of the movies nowadays, but it's not. This is a super simple movie sets in the late of 70's and trying to tell you that alien also have heart. =P lol.

Seriously, I love Spielberg's movie. It's not about computer editing. effect, or cool stuff with meaningless story line, it's more than that. Watching his movie is always bring me inside, feel like I'm part of the movie. The characters are awesome. Those bunch little kids really know how to act, and Spielberg also let us play with our own imagination, guessing what's actually happened between the characters, until you get the answer in the middle of the movie.

Stephen Spielberg

It's a story about a group of teenagers who's making movie with a Super 8 mm Camera when they saw a train crash with a car. The driver is their Biology teacher in school, which asks them to shut up, don't even say a word about this incident or else they and their parents would die. But, no one could beat the curiosity of a teenager. They knew there's something wrong. It's not just an ordinary train crash, there's something inside the train.. Something mysterious which bring caused to their town, such as missing electronic stuff, dogs, even missing person. So there, the story goes... :D

I don't want to be a movie spoiler, so rather than telling you the whole story, I prefer to introduce you with the characters. I really love these kids and their acting!!

1. Joseph 'Joe' Lamb (Joel Courtney). He's the central of the character. A good boy who's still grieving for the loss of his mother and having a tough time with his father, He helps his friend to finish his zombie movie, by doing the make up, sound and special effect. He's a follower type for most of the time, but when in certain circumstances, he could be the leader.

2. Alice Dainard (Elle Fanning). She steals her father’s car to drive the boys to the remote, abandoned train station to shoot a scene for their little movie. "Alice is very important to Joe. She’s the one girl he has admired from afar, but has never spoken to,” Abrams said.There's an emotional attachment between them and their parents...

3. This character I like ^^ A true American-boy. hahaha!! Charles Kazny (Rilley Griffiths). He's the director of the group, a pussy but has a big dream. What's important to him is his movie, well, he's a true friend, and could also fall in love, but when it's come to movie, that's become his priority. To be honest, he could be a great director or even producer like Spielberg. =p

4. Carey, the fire bug (Ryan Lee). he likes to blow everything. He likes to play with fire and the only person who thinks that the train crash is cool :) He helps Charlie to be a zombie in his movie.

Left: Preston Right: Martin
5. Martin (Gabriel Basso) & Preston (Zach Mills). Martin is not as clever as his friends, but he is the main character of Charles' movie "Case". He is mainly a jaw-dropper, stunned by what is happening around them, and every time he's freak out, he vomits! While Preston is the amateur movie’s primary background actor to make the scene looks busy. He's afraid to die, so he didn't join his friends' mission to save Alice.

Here's the trailer:

Well, that's it! You gotta watch the movie to know well all of them. It's worth to watch, really! =) And greatest thanks to Nuffnang for giving me a chance to watch this premiere. And yes, this is my first screening tickets from Nuffnang, so I NEED to take a picture. hahahah!

With pretty girls from Nuffnang!

And I finally bought a Kungfu panda Tumbo =)

RM 14.90 for a big popcorn + drink and cool tumbo ^^

And once again, Thank you very much NUFFNANG!!! I love the PIN =)
muakkkzzz <3 Enjoy the movie!! ^.^

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