Monday, June 13, 2011

Green Lantern Corps Party

What's the relationship between Green Lantern (film) and Eco Knights? For sure both of them identical with GREEN and also a hero in their own way. 

I was one of the lucky person who got an invitation to attend the awesome party, thanks to Nuffnang. Green Lantern Corps Party was organized by Eco Knights together with MyPartners communications, Warner Brothers, and Tropicana City Mall, in conjunction with the World Environment Day.

The Party was held at Artista Bar & Restaurants, and awesome MC's from Mix fm, JD and Dilly.

Glow in The Dark
They gave us Glow in the Dark wristband and stickers. Wherever you like to stick on!

Bloggers from Nuffnang!!
 I'm very happy to bump with some blogger from Nuffnang I used to chat with on twitter. They are friendly and awesome. :)

And we were welcomed by NGO's band, who sang nice songs about loving our environment.  Even though most of the songs we're not so familiar with, but they're pretty good.

JD & Dilly
I always hear their voice in the radio, and finally had a chance to meet them personally. You know who are they? JD and Dilly from Mix FM. They are awesome, and funny as well.

There're quizzes. easy questions about Green Lantern and the winners got a chance to bring home one of these merchandises.

Yawa Eco Drum Circle
This group catches my heart. Group of young people that entertained us with refreshing and energetic rhythms. 

Instead of using proper musical instruments, they were using recycled items such as basins, water bottles, pots and pans, and even plastic bags, yet they still serve us with great music. Their spirit and enthusiasm had drag us to the stick an eyes on them. 

Another games, and I was one of the winner :)

8 of the winners of Treasure Hunt. :) It should be 9, but no one could find the other one..

My merchandises

With Mr & Mrs Green Lantern

awesome Nuffnang blogger :)

Thanks a lot Nuffnang!! Hope you could invite me again in this kind of event. And special thanks to Nuffnang's Relations, the pretty Anne Cheah. You really made my nights with Nuffnang. It's really a pleasure to know you! :) Muakkkzzz <3

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