Saturday, June 25, 2011

There's Rainbow after the Rain

Yesterday was really a tough day for me. Started with knowing there's battery problem with my new baby gadget, Samsung Galaxy SII. I charged for 6 hours and when I on it, the battery only showed 29%.

Second thing, my roommate knocked my door just to inform me she's gonna raise up the rental fees from RM210 to RM310. I was like, "what...??" She told me the landlord increased the house rental fees, so she has to share the increase to all of us. But really.. RM100 doesn't make sense at all. So I decided to move.

Third, My baby Ace haven't recovered from diarrhea. I heard how he cried softly and looked so weak. And I hate myself coz had to leave him while he's sick.

Forth, Stacia text-ed me while I'm outside to inform that my other baby, Zack, is also having diarrhea.

What a day for me! While I was so stress thinking about all of those, situation also didn't try to cheer me up. KTM came late, plus I need to wait 3 hours for the phone to be fixed.

Tried to think clear and solve those problems one by one. I didn't want to waste my 3hours, so I started to browsing for house available to rent for me. Found one, small, simple and most important, I love it :-)

Well, the problem is the only way to contact the by email. I had emailed him, also left my contact number to his neighbor but till today still has no news yet. Wish me luck, my sweet reader :)

After waited for 3 hours my baby SG finally done. They reformatted the software and seems like the battery works fine.

And the climax was when I received an email from my beloved Nuffnang <3.

Yeahhh!! I'm gonna play golf next week, meet new friends and conquer my fear!! Wonder what's the relation between? Well, I'll tell you later :)

Last but not least, my mom always taught me that in every hard situation, we should never give up to always believe good things will come eventually.

Don't complaint, nor desperate and hopeless.. There's beautiful rainbow after the rain. Sometimes, we just refuse to see it :-)



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