Sunday, June 26, 2011

D'Rich, Kuchai Lama

No. 2G Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
Phone No: 03 - 78924921

Was looking for western food this morning but the nearest real western food is only in Bangsar or KL area. We're too hungry so just decided to try this restaurant, which for me look a like Papa Rich. The decoration, menu, and drink list are the same, only D'Rich has more variety of foods to be compared with.

There's one western food breakfast menu there, but I dare not to try as K believe it would be just like Old Town White coffee.. So, I chose this:

A fried rice with fried chicken wing. The chicken wing was ok but the fried rice was tasteless. Ok, my tongue must has a problem because since last night everything I eat was tasteless, but this judgement this time definitely got fully support from Reco & Stacia! Only after I requested a chili padi, my fried rice finally got better taste.

My drink was Ribenna with Lychee. It's kinda sparkling in my mouth and refreshing.

Reco ate turkey fettucine with creamy sauce.

And Dino Milo for her drink.
It looks like Papa Rich, rite? I wonder if they are actually under the same company.

Stacia ordered Special Fried Rice which has a better taste. Well, at least it's not tasteless like mine.

And a normal Ice Lemon Tea..

And both of them enjoyed the delicious bread with half boiled egg.

Their slogan is "King of good food" while for me, it's just another ordinary food.


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